Hoya pottsii (Coopers Creek, QLD) Traill

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Hoya pottsii grows in a vast area of south east asia, from Thailand in the north and Australia in the south. This one, Purchased as Hoya nicholsoniae IML 19, originates from Coopers Creek in Queensland, Australia.

The leaves are medium sized and turn red in sunlight. Flowers smell like hyacinth.

Subspecies or variations:
Information and photos of variations in Hoya pottsii in my collectionInformation and photos of various Hoya pottsii in my collection
Light, but no sunlight

Likes light but should not be exposed to sunlight. A protected window facing west is good.

Slightly moist

Tolerates some drought but should not be allowed to run completely dry.


Intermediate species. Tolerates short exposure to temperatures no less than 10°C. Best grown in a regular room temperature of 20-25°C.

Flower size: 14 mm

Leaf size: ca 40 × 70 mm

Growth: Climbing

Scent: Hyacinth


Origin: Australia

Author: Traill

Publication: Trans. Hort. Soc. vii. (1830) 25.


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