Hoya lacunosa Blume

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One of the easiest and most greatful plants for the haning basket. Can be grown on trellis but does best hanging down. It's small leaves and tidy growth makes it easy to fit in any collection.

Leaves are small, about 3-4cm long and 1½-2cm wide (1-1¼" x ⅔-¾"). There are many different clones so there are those with larger leaves as well. They are usually dark green with a clear mid nerve and indents on each side of them (thus the name lacunosa = lacunose leaves).

Flowers are small, approx. 0,5cm in diameter, creme colored and furry. Although they are small they are very fragrant and one umbel is enough to fill a room with it's pleasant scent. A very willing and early bloomer. A good choice for the impatient.

Can be placed in just about any direction but if placed in the south, protect it from the burning sun. In my experience it blooms were ever you put it. Tolerates lots of drought but the plant turns more beautiful and free flowering if kept evenly moist but never wet.

Subspecies or variations:
Information and photos of variations in Hoya lacunosa in my collectionInformation and photos of various Hoya lacunosa in my collection

Should not be exposed to sunlight.. A shaded window facing west or east is good.

Slightly moist

Tolerates some drought but should not be allowed to run completely dry.


Cool growing species. Tolerates longer periods of temperatures just below 10°C. Does not like to be exposed to temperatures above 25°C for any longer period.

Flower size: 6 mm

Leaf size: ca 15mm × 30mm

Growth: Hanging/climbing

Scent: Perfume

Section: Otostemma

Origin: Indonesien & Malaysia

Author: Blume

Publication: Bijdr. 1063 (1826)


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