Hoya siamica Craib

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I've had two different clones of Hoya siamica. The first I bought in 2002. It hardly grew an inch nor showed any signs of wanting to bloom before it died during fall 2007.

The second clone came to me in January 2007. A small thing that rooted quickly and bloomed within a month. Since then it has bloomed twice. The leaves of this one is also much bigger than the first, it's veines are more obvious and the color of the leaves lighter green.

Flowers are creme colored with some red in the corona. Slightly scented.

Subspecies or variations:
Information and photos of variations in Hoya siamica in my collectionInformation and photos of various Hoya siamica in my collection

Should not be exposed to sunlight.. A shaded window facing west or east is good.

Slightly moist

Tolerates some drought but should not be allowed to run completely dry.


Cool growing species. Tolerates longer periods of temperatures just below 10°C. Does not like to be exposed to temperatures above 25°C for any longer period.

Flower size: 12mm

Leaf size: 25mm × 70mm

Growth: Climber

Scent: Faint


Origin: Thailand

Author: Craib

Publication: Kew Bulletin 1911, s. 419


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