Hoya praetorii Miquel

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Previously sold as Hoya lasiantha and is still in circulation as such.

The plant has a bushy kind of growth but branches tend to bend downwards after a while. Some prefer to grow it on trellis but I find hanging baskets more suitable.

Leaves approx 15-16cm in length and 10cm in width, sometimes bigger. They are thin, almost paper like, and slightly spotted. The entire plant is glabrous.

Flowers are quite stunning, not like any other Hoya flower you may have seen, and my last as long as two weeks. Approx 17mm long and 12mm in diameter, orange colored with a fur collar on top. I find the flowers almost without scent but some say it smells like grapefruit.

This species likes moist and should never run dry. Water regularly or plant it in a self watering pot.

 Variations in Hoya

Should not be exposed to sunlight.. A shaded window facing west or east is good.


Should not be allowed to go dry. Keep slightly moist at all times.


Temperate species. Should not be exposed to draught or temperatures below 17°C. Grows best in an average temperature of 30°C.

Flower size: ca 17mm &ties; 12mm

Leaf size: ca 10cm × 16cm

Growth: Bushlike


Section: Plocostemma

Origin: Sumatra

Author: Miq.el

Publication: Fl. Ned. Ind. ii. 526. (1856)


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