Hoya neo-ebudica Guillaumin

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An easily cultivated Hoya that grows quite fast. No high maintenence Hoya. Tolerates to run dry every once in a while but does best if kept slightly moist.

Leaves are medium sized, approx 4,5" long and 2" wide, glabrous and emerald green. Three light green veins runs parallell from the leaf base to the tip. The back side of the leaf is a lighter green color than the front. Grows quite densly and makes a beautiful plant even when not blooming.

Blooms in umbels of approx 15 flowers each 3/4" in diameter. Fragrance is very faint, almost undetectable. The species produces almost no nectar.

 Variations in Hoya
Light, but no sunlight

Likes light but should not be exposed to sunlight. A protected window facing west is good.

Slightly moist

Tolerates some drought but should not be allowed to run completely dry.


Intermediate species. Tolerates short exposure to temperatures no less than 10°C. Best grown in a regular room temperature of 20-25°C.

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Origin: New Hebrids

Author: Guillaumin

Publication: Bull. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris, 1937, Ser. II. ix. 294


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