Hoya linearis Wall. ex D. Don

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Purely a plant for the hanging basket as it totally lacks the ability to twine or climb. Hoya linearis is a strange Hoya with really narrow leaves, like matches hanging from a thread. 2" long and 1/5" wide. Leaves and stems are pubescent.

At first new growth grows straight up but soon falls over and hangs down. New branches may initially seem leafless but the leaves soon appear.

Hoya linearis usually blooms during late summer or fallin umbels of 10-15, white, lemon scented flowers. Each individual flower is approx 2/5" in diameter, however there is an even smaller variety with flowers half the size (view photo).

As Hoya linearis originates from the Himalayas and Sikkim area it prefers a cool and shaded position. Can with success be grown in a north facing window.

 Variations in Hoya

Does not tolerate any sunlight. A window facing north is recomended..


Should not be allowed to go dry. Keep slightly moist at all times.


Cool growing species. Tolerates longer periods of temperatures just below 10°C. Does not like to be exposed to temperatures above 25°C for any longer period.

Flower size: ca 10 mm Ø

Leaf size: 5 mm × 50-70 mm

Growth: Hanging

Scent: Citrus


Origin: India (Himalaya, Sikkim)

Author: Wall. ex D. Don

Publication: Prodromus Florae Nepalensis s. 130 (1825)


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