Hoya polystachya Blume

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Believe it or not but I actually bought my first Hoya polystachya labeled Hoya serpens! When I pointed out the mislabeling to the florist she got very upset and claimed "the wholesaler knows what is right".

A very large leaved species that needs a stable trellis to grow on as it gets quite heavy with time.

Flowers continuously with small yellow-brown flowers, much like Hoya pentaphlebia, in large umbels. Produces lots and lots of sticky nectar. Blooms at any time of the year.

 Variations in Hoya
Light, but no sunlight

Likes light but should not be exposed to sunlight. A protected window facing west is good.

Slightly moist

Tolerates some drought but should not be allowed to run completely dry.


Intermediate species. Tolerates short exposure to temperatures no less than 10°C. Best grown in a regular room temperature of 20-25°C.

Flower size: 10mm

Leaf size: ca 15cm × 20cm

Growth: Climbing

Scent: Pine

Section: Physostemma

Origin: Indonesia

Author: Blume

Publication: Museum Botanicum Lugdano- Batavorum s. 45 fig. 9 (1849)


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