Hoya dickasoniana P.T. Li

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Looks like the ordinary bella though the leaves are smaller and more fleshy. Often three leaves at each node in stead of two.

Is said to have been published several times, with different names: Hoya dickasoniana, Hoya kingdonwardii and the latest in order Hoya wee-bella, under which it is more known. As Hoya dickasoniana came first it should be the name to use... at least until someone comes up with something different.

Subspecies or variations:
Information and photos of variations in Hoya dickasoniana in my collectionInformation and photos of various Hoya dickasoniana in my collection
Light, but no sunlight

Likes light but should not be exposed to sunlight. A protected window facing west is good.


Should not be allowed to go dry. Keep slightly moist at all times.


Cool growing species. Tolerates longer periods of temperatures just below 10°C. Does not like to be exposed to temperatures above 25°C for any longer period.

Flower size:

Leaf size: 8mm × 12mm

Growth: Hanging



Origin: India, Nepal (Himalaya)

Author: P.T. Li

Publication: J. S. China Agric. Univ., 15(2): 74 (1994).


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